What's Good​?​! (Single)

by Paradox & P44

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What's Good is the first track from the upcoming album "Happy Hour", a collaboration between P44 and Paradox.

Paradox, from Albany, Western Australia has successfully blended soul samples and crusty drum breaks to create a raw sound for the Melbourne, Victoria based rapper P44 to get busy over. The end result is an album as diverse a the landscape between them.


Verse 1

Yo what’s good kids, ain’t been a minute since my last release
But Dox hit me, see if I wanna match some bars to beats
I said Para please, now we’ll leave you parapleged
44 and Dox here for that double P
But first, let me introduce myself
Since none of you gonna know my shit too well
I got that attitude cos the devil may care
Stepping off a plane with the international air
Born the same year as that Berlin Wall breaks
Spent my best years in a transnational crawlspace
With the window down, bit of treble and raw bass
Enough to make the corridors tremble and halls shake
But got bored, packed up and said my goodbyes
And let my family get on with the rest of their lives
Came back with enough stories left for the ride
Heart of a peasant, with an emperor’s mind

Chorus (x2)

We go, round and round, 'til the axis is bent
We’ll get back where we started in a chapter or ten
Run from the east coast, way back to the west
Para and Pez, P Dot & P-Dox, back in the flesh

Verse 2

So what’s good Melbourne, been a while since we got down
I’ve heard a little of political talk now
More hipsters than hippies in the city I walk round
It seems the Heart got Victory chalked out
Who cares, ain't gonna complain in the song
In any case, it ain't like I’ll be staying for long
Just here to chill for a bit, rake in the euros
A bit of brew though, get to music making with Con
We got this shit down, sorry that it’s taken so long
So when I skip town, y’all know that I’ll take it along
Yeah I’m a one-nighter, might stay for the dawn
I’ll leave a note on the pillow babe, you'll wake and I’m gone
So bugger a battle, I don’t need the stroganoff
And when I’m knocking off I don’t care how much my coffee/coffin cost,
Long as my T’s crossed and my I’s dotted off,
I’ll take my rucksack and proceed to waddle off,

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3

So what’s good world, whadup to all the avid fans
Man City to Toronto, down to Pakistan
Perth side, ADL and my Canberra fam
See you soon guys, freeway lane in a camper van
Everyone who hit my mic up with the words
South African slums to the burbs, come and observe
Chillin’ in the Legion with Grandpa Eddie
Or cracking a beer with me and Con on the tanbark, ready
For whatever the world throws at us next
‘Til it’s broken my neck, I just take the blow, resurrect
Swinging with eyes wide shut, go for the fence
Cobra connect, here though, I’m a brogan to death
Locked loaded with what won’t kill me for now
Peak hour traffic, just jammin’, chill with the crowd
So come get down with us, if you down me as Pez
P44, here with D, O to the X

Chorus (x2)


released November 8, 2013
Produced by - Paradox
All lyrics Written by - P44
Mixed and mastered by - Ruxton Percuss



all rights reserved


Paradox Albany, Australia

Paradox is a producer from Albany, Western Australia.

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